Monday, February 16, 2015

Close Up - The Canadian Raid on Dieppe - Part 4 (1962)

4:00 General Montgomery: "Compromise on this. Compromise on the bombing. Compromise on everything. It's no good." 5:03 Interviewer: “Dieppe told people what not to do.” Colonel Stacey: “I think that’s essentially true. What it told them not to do was to attempt an operation with inadequate fire support. We went in at Dieppe against a very strong position with nothing stronger than four inch guns and Boston bombers to support us – and that turned out to be nonsense – and the result was that in the Normandy operation, in June 1944, we went in with battleships and cruisers and the RAF Bomber Command and the United States bombers and everything we could raise. It was an utterly different conception – and that time, of course, it worked.” 11:36 Lord Lovat: "There wasn't much cunning at Dieppe. It was a head-on collision with armor not ever being able to take on re-inforced concrete. It was a reconnaissance in force. A big probe in a very bad place."

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